The Stark County Aqua Life Enthusiasts Society is a nonprofit organization.

Our purpose is to promote the keeping, study, breeding, and exhibition
of aquarium fish, outside pond fish, and related aquatic life.
June 24, 2018


10am Registration

11am Auction

See "News and Events" for more Information

June 9– 10th: Greater Akron Aquarium Show & Auction—Tallmadge Community Center.. Contact: Wayne@gaas-fish.net

June 24th: SCALES Auction Perry Grange, Canton, Ohio 10-5
Contact: John @ (330)452-9027

July 4-8th: ACA Convention—Detroit, MI.
For more info: www.acaconvention2018.com
Our meetings are held the Third Sunday of each month at the Perry Grange. 
The Perry Grange is located at
6300 Richville Drive S.W. Massillon, OH
Our meeting times are 4:00 P.M to 5:30 P.M on the Third Sunday of the month. 
Everyone is welcome to come and visit our meetings. 
There is no charge to visit.
If you would like to join us, our membership fees are: 
Family: $10.00 per year
Single: $7.50 per year
Junior (ages 8-16): $5.oo per year

Come to our meetings for speakers, raffle table, bench show, BAP, and HAP programs. The more you put in the hobby the more you get out. Check out the above Program Schedule for Meeting Dates and Speaker Information.
Don’t forget to attend the Show and Auction by Greater Akron on June 9-10th .
I will be working on getting my ponds in better shape. Enjoy yourselves with outdoor labor and activities. I just want to be outside enjoying good weather and sunshine.
Have a great summer.
James Baad
​Hello Everyone!!

I am sure all are taking advantage of area Spring Auctions. Getting re-acquainted with old friends. I believe winter has decided to leave. I sure am looking forward to Spring and Summer weather. I am very ready to go to Meetings, Auctions and Shows. I am just plain READY!!
Our Spring Auction was a success. Thank you to everyone for participating. Our next Auction is June 24, 2018.